Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Luck Jinxie

Haven't done much lately. We don't have to let my uncle's dogs out for most of the week. Actually just Friday, so that's when we're cleaning this week too. Amaya's nail is still broken and it got caught on her collar today. She nearly tore it off and started yelping. She's also feeling a bit sick tonight. I enjoyed last week's episode of NCIS and Elementary. It was interesting to meet Gibbs namesake. Glee comes back on this week, but I'm a little worried about their plans for Blaine, Kurt, and the Klaine pairing. And Jinxie is going into surgery this week. We're wishing him luck.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dreary November Days Begin

Well NaBloWriMo is officially over. I don't plan on forgetting my blog though. Now starts National Novel Writing Month. One month, 50,000 words. I'm going to try it. Though considering I'm already a day behind, whether or not I'll succeed is up in the air for now. Nothing really interesting happened today though. Amaya broke a nail again. And it's to far down to cut it, so I'm just hoping she doesn't hurt herself to badly until we can get it off. She has a tendency to break the nail really far down and make it bleed. A lot. Right now though, she is sleeping peacefully.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Well it's Halloween and I'm in the middle of my movie marathon. We ordered the pizza, half sausage/half green olive, and got two movies aside from Twilight. They are Dark Shadows and Don't be Afraid of the Dark. Amaya never did get her costume. I dressed as a dark fairy. My mother is a sorceress and aunt Anne is a black widow. Aunt Jane didn't bother to wear costume at all and her boyfriend is watching Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein and a few others. Well back to my marathon so, Good Night and Happy Halloween. May The Ghosts, Goblins, and Witches Be With You!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Windy Days

My Halloween costume officially has fangs. And Amaya is rejoicing in the fact I never found a costume for her. If I can find something in the house that will work she'll end up with one anyway. It was windy today and the wind tried to knock me off my feet. And nearly succeeded, with a little help from the door blowing open and me having to move to avoid it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow though. I love Halloween. We thought about getting a pizza to go with the popcorn and candy during the movie, but don't want it all eaten by the two people in the house who aren't joining us in the movie marathon. But then again they won't touch it if we order it with green olives. We were also thinking of getting another movie to watch earlier in the day. But we'll see.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad Day

 While still sick, I've been feeling better today. Although it has been a particularly depressing day. First Princess, who hasn't been in the best of health lately, had to be put to sleep. Then we found out that the vet's test on Jinxie came back. He has cancer. Aunt Jane's boyfriend is miserable and who can blame him with everything happening to him lately.

 In less depressing news, I finally saw last weeks episode's of Elementary and NCIS, after missing them when they originally came on. I also got the rest of my costume and my mother got her costume. We got the popcorn for Halloween. Now all we need is movie candy that won't get mixed up with the stuff for the trick-or-treaters. And whatever else we're going to eat.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's With The Cats?

Well I'm still sick, so I haven't done anything aside from lay in bed and watch a Jane Doe marathon on the Hallmark channel today. Amaya tried to lay on my laptop last night and has repeatedly tried to walk or jump on it today. Kiki, one of Aunt Jane's cats, decided to swat Amaya today. Amaya was sleeping under the covers and Kiki just swats her. My mother and I were supposed to get the last bits of my Halloween costume today and get her one. But I couldn't go anywhere, hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to go tomorrow.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's A Girl!

Well I'm sick today. I've been feeling of for a few days and it got worse late last night. As a result I'm missing a family party being held right now. In other news, Aunt Jane's boyfriend, who's cat Gremy just died, found out his other cat Jinxie has a lump that could be a tumor. So he's really upset right now. On a less depressing note, my nail broke today. Really far down by the skin. And the squirrels' pumpkin rotted, so it had to be thrown out. Poor squirrels. And my cousin had a baby today. A little girl, for the second time. I wonder how his eldest is going to take being a big sister.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Party City Insanity and Bouncing Dogs

Note to self never go to Party City this close to Halloween again. Seriously it was so crowded that you couldn't go anywhere. I had to leave right after I came in. And the people in the parking were crazy. In a narrow section, one person started driving opposite the flow of traffic. In other news, my hair needs a touch up and Amaya finally got her ride in the car today. She was very excited. After that every time we headed towards the front door she started bouncing around, waiting to see if we were taking her back out.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Thoughts

Not really an eventful day here. Went with my mother to clean my uncle's house and it rained. Still no eggnog in the stores and I still don't know where the recipe went to. Why they can't sell it all year is still a mystery to me. A Halloween movie marathon has been planned. Nothing particularly scary, just the Twilight series. With plans to see the new one in theaters. It should be interesting, even though I know what happens since I read all the books.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I thought for today's post I'd try something new. A list of my favorite places to eat out.
  • Patio - They have bar-b-q ribs, that are to die for                                                                            
  • Jason's Deli - The best place for sandwiches, especially with a croissant for bread.
  • Prime Time - I love the grilled salmon there.
  • Red Robin - Good food, good service, annoying commercials
  • Cupid's Candies - Their ice cream is divine. Even if I always seem to end up with marshmallow in my hair.
Admittedly there would probably be a longer list if I could remember half of the places names. But I can only seem to remember where some of them are.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gremy The Cat

My aunt Jane didn't come home today. She is staying at her boyfriends for moral support. Not the aunt whose boyfriend got hit by the car, that's aunt Ann. Aunt Jane's boyfriend has two cats one of whom has been very sick. He found out today that his cat, which he has had since it was a kitten, has to be put to sleep. He is understandably very upset. I can sympathize, after all those cats are his babies.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainy Days

 As usual, went and let my uncle's dogs out today. It was raining. He has a gate to his backyard and we go in the backdoor. This gate is not wide enough for an umbrella. And it started raining harder while we were getting in the car. Thankfully it slowed down somewhat while my mother ran into a store to get something on the way home. So I didn't get rained on that much.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hit and Run

Well, I went to the store with my mother today, to pick up a prescription for my aunt's boyfriend. He needed pain-killers because he was hit by a car. He was giving someone's car a jump and while he was standing there a car came flying by and hit him. He was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Over two hours later, the people he was with when he was hit show up to see if he's alright. It took them over two hours to check on him in person because they had been waiting for the police. Who never showed. Now they are saying no one has any record of anything, the hospital doesn't even know who was driving the ambulance. And despite it being a hit and run, the person drove off, the police say it is his job to find the guy who hit him and get his information. Not theirs. His friend say he should sue. I agree.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cruel Cats and Not-So-Innocent Dogs

 I feel sorry for the Shepard. But that reminds me of something that happened in my family once. When my mother was in high school the family had a cat named Fato. Fato beat up a dog my grandfather was watching. The dog was a Shepard/Wolf mix. Fato stalked down the stairs with a purpose, went straight to the dog, and a fight broke out. From what I hear the dog never bothered Fato again. Interesting animals we have in my family.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Brave Cats And Sulking Dogs

 Princess is getting braver by the day. Even swatting one of the dogs last night, on their way outside. I saw the new episode of Elementary today. The twist of the Balloon Man's real identity was shocking. And poor Sherlock was beating himself up over not realizing it sooner. Though now I'm wondering if Adam will be making another appearance later in the series.

 In other news, our mop broke last night. My mother was trying to mop the floor and it fell right off the handle. She had to use the sponge mop. We think it broke because some people in the house set it in the water and leave it in there all day. Sometimes literally. One morning we found it in the bucket of water, where my grandmother had left it the night before, having forgotten about it before she even mopped the floors.

 Amaya was disappointed this morning. My mother normally drives her sister to the train early in the morning, and promised Amaya she could ride with them. Then my aunt tells us she going to her boyfriend's for the night and won't need a ride. Amaya has been sulking all day. Well, there is always Tuesday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dogs, Cats, and Storms Oh My!

My mother and I went to let out my uncle's dogs and one of them, Cheech, was so excited that he was jumping all over the place. And since out of the two of us I seem to be his favorite, that meant alot of that jumping was one me. Which lead to him scratching me. Cheech isn't a big dog, but he does have sharp nails. And sharp teeth. With a very bad habit of nipping my nose. Then we came home to find out that Amaya had sat in one spot and not moved until we got home. After which Alley promptly stole that spot. The animals in this house seem to consider that spot prime real estate. Not to mention Dingo has been miserable because of storms.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To Many Cats In The House

 My great aunt's cat was sick, so my grandmother went with her to the vet. Dropped her off around three and they went to pick the cat up at seven. People were telling my great aunt to play nice, since my grandmother still has bruises from the fall earlier in the month. My great aunt's cat, Princess, has changed a bit lately. Ever since the vet gave her some new medicine, she's been more outgoing. A very timid and shy cat before, now she has attacked my aunt's cat - Shorty. Shorty is not only the cat who attacked my laptop earlier in the week, but is also the cat in the house with a habit of attacking the female cats in the house. He didn't appreciate this turn of events, and is now avoiding Princess like the plague.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Green Olive Loving Calico

 Well Alley is annoyed with me. I and the nerve to eat green olive pizza bread in front of her today, knowing she can't have green olives because she's allergic. She watched me the entire time I was eating it, and even moved to get a better view.
 On a different note, I'm wondering how long it will be until I can go back to Medieval Times. For those of you deprived of the experience I recommend going one day. Good food, kings, knights, and jousting matches are all to be had there. You can even be knighted. Sadly I've only been once, so far. It was a birthday gift. And they really do have good food, with multiple courses. No utensils though.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eggnog Cravings

Amaya is glaring at me. I'm not sure if it is because my laptop is in her way, being on my lap and all, or because I didn't give her enough of my salmon. Either way she is now satisfied with a frenchfry. Baked more cookies today, and true to form they have extra chocolate chips. Quite a few are already missing. People like my cookies to much and I don't get enough. It's frustrating. And when is the eggnog going to come out already. I've wanted some since just after Easter and lost my recipe. They should sell eggnog year-round. Maybe then I wouldn't have to drink it all the time around Christmas. And hope nobody adds rum to my eggnog. I'm a bit of an eggnog purist.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Laptop Attacking Cats

 I've noticed something interesting about squirrels lately. The squirrels in northern states like to eat pumpkins, while southern squirrels don't touch them. Well at least no southern squirrel I've seen has. In other news, some small bug, that I've no idea what it was, bit me today. It quickly died when it did such though, via my shoe. And a centipede attacked the couch the other day.

 M.J.Fifield, I'm sorry to hear no one makes cookies for you, but I like to bake and plan making more soon. It helps that I have a sweet-tooth and prefer home-made cookies though. And they announced an episode that I assume I missed. For both Glee and Elementary. Blaine's Teenage Dream was heart-breaking though. As a result of Blaine's revelation, I have been reading a lot of Klaine fanfiction lately. It is cathartic.

 Dora, sorry I haven't said this sooner, but I agree about nablowrimo and would love to stop in for coffee sometime. Sadly I am at times easily forgetful. And my aunt's cat just attacked my laptop. I think I'll post this before he comes back

Saturday, October 13, 2012

TV and Cookies

So Glee and Elementary still aren't on yet. This reminds me of when I wanted to watch the last episode of Perception. It took weeks for that episode to show up. I finally saw it though. Can't wait to find what happened. In the mean time I'm listening to music from Glee. A frequent song is my mother's favorite, It's Not Right But It's Okay. On a different note, I'm baking chocolate chip cookies again tomorrow. I didn't get nearly enough last time, sine my family ate them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dogs and TV

My mother and I stopped by my uncle's house to let his dogs out today, as we do every weekday, and he came in the backdoor unexpectedly. Scared my mom, he should have told us he was coming home early. In other news I watched NCIS today, and I am ecstatic Ducky's back. He definitely had fun in this episode. And Jimmy seemed relieved, really relieved. Although I am a little annoyed I couldn't see Glee or Elementary on demand today. Guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shirts and Staples

My grandmother went to get her staples taken out today. Even though she is mostly fine, she's still sore and bruised. And being supervised when she goes outside. My aunt is jealous because I have a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt and she doesn't. She says it's her favorite movie. She has a lot of favorite movies. But she won't just buy herself a shirt. I'm lucky my clothes don't fit her or I'd be missing a shirt.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 Halloween decorating started at my house today. My aunt broke a fake pumpkin of my grandmother's and won't tell her. Luckily for her my grandmother doesn't even know what a blog is, forget about reading mine. All other decorations went up fine though. And I already have part of my Halloween costume. Missing some accessories for it though. Haven't picked a costume for Amaya yet, but I already know she won't like it and it's not likely to stay on her long. She was a princess last year and Dingo was a demon. I'm not even going to try to put a costume on Alley. She can go as herself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

House of Night

 There is a book series I've become enamored with of late, called The House of Night. The only problem being that, while I know almost everything that happens in the books, I've never actually read them. My mother has told me, in detail, almost everything that happens. And, for the really interesting parts, insists on reading that part to me. In the mean time I can't even seem to remember I actually have access to said books.

 Which, with my love of reading, is just sad. I even know what song was said to be playing in one of the most dramatic and depressing parts. Defying Gravity. Although when my aunt started reading the series, and got close to the part mentioned earlier, my mother and I played the song every time one of us saw her. Then again we do enjoy messing with her mind and she knows us well enough to know it meant something.

  Now about the series itself. It has a different view on vampyres. One I haven't really seen before. And an interesting main character. I also like how they portray figures like Nyx and Kalona. Hopefully the next book comes out soon and I remember where the earlier books from the series are in the house to read them.

Monday, October 8, 2012


 My grandmother is still alright, but as a result from the fall she has two black eyes. On another note, my allergies are trying to murder me and I'm already wondering how many people in my family will conveniently forget that during the holiday season to send flowers. Although I would love to have flowers around the house, unless their fake I can't breath. Amaya tries to make up for that though, by smelling every flower we come across. I've never seen another dog smell flowers without trying to eat them though. But that's Amaya for you, being cute without even trying. And if anyone's wondering why Amaya is mentioned more than Alley or Dingo, it is because she sits with me while I do my blog every night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Glee: The Breakup

 Well after missing Glee Thursday, and not getting a chance to watch the episode since then, I finally saw it on demand today. And I didn't like Blaine in this episode. I don't want Kurt and Blaine to break up, but Blaine was an idiot. Though it was interesting Kurt immediately thought of Sebastian. Really though I'm not that upset about Finn and Rachel. And I'm more than willing to throw all other relationships in the show under the bus for Klaine. But that is just my opinion.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chocolate Chips

 Well aside from four staples and a bruise, my grandmother is alright. She is a bit sore but overall she is fine. On a different topic, I have a new computer mouse that looks like a car. I think it is cute. The head and tail lights even light up.

 I got out my mini doughnut maker today. I had some chocolate chips and the recipe for chocolate chip doughnuts so it seemed like a good idea. They were a hit with my family and I think I might have to bring out my mini pie maker again. I'd nearly forgotten about both of them until today. Made cookies with the rest of the chocolate chips, well the ones I didn't eat anyway. The cookies still ended up with a 1/2 cup extra chocolate chips though. Plus I found out Amaya is afriad of the mixer and Alley likes cookies today.

 So overall a good day I found out my grandmother was okay and made doughnuts and cookies. Which I'll be enjoying for awhile.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Trip To The Hospital

Had to take my grandmother to the hospital today. She was walking to the stairs to get in the house and lost her balance. And landed on the concrete steps. Her head was bleeding pretty bad and she hurt her side. My mother had to threaten to call one of my aunts and my uncle just to get her to go to the hospital in the first place. She's still there, with another aunt of mine staying with her for now. Just waiting for a call to go get them.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crayons and Snakes

Starting with another prompt idea for nablowrimo, today I'm writing about the best crayon in the box. Green. And yes if it's the right shade I would paint my living room that color. I like green clothes, green candies, green nail polish, even slytherin house in the Harry Potter series. Yes most of them might be dark, but they're green and silver. Plus a little cunning and ambition never hurt anyone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Worst Fear

 Taking inspiration from the prompt list, in specific number 21, I'm writing about my biggest childhood fear. Needles. My worst fear as a child, which has in fact followed me, and likely become a phobia. I know now that sometimes you need a shot or blood taken, but I still panic when the time comes to have such things done.
 I think this fear traces back to one day when I was about 6 or 7. I was sick and the doctor sent me for blood work. My parents and I went straight back to his office, and were sent for more blood work. We repeated this cycle a few more times that day, even seeing him after he should have closed. Did I mention the nurses didn't even try to make the situation any easier? You might be wondering why I needed my blood checked so many times. Well my white blood cell count was to high. At the end of the day I'd gotten x-rays and found out I had pneumonia and an infection, which made my white blood cell count go up. After the doctor told my parents that, since my white blood cell count was to high, he had called a leukemia specialist.
 That was certainly an interesting day. Then I needed to stay in the hospital, with an IV, because of the pneumonia. By the end of the day I was terrified just by the sight of a needle. In fact when I found out the hospital needed to take more blood when I was admitted, I tried to run. Though I didn't make it very far. Apparently my hair worked as a good leash back then. A week later I was released from that prison they called a hospital, fully recovered, and with a phobia of needles. Which I'm sure my doctor appreciates.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laptop Strike

Not much of a post today. My laptop has decided to go on strike, or rather it's charger has. And my battery is dying. Slowly, painfully and I don't have much life left on it. I'm sure Amaya will be happy, more room on my lap for her. That's it for today and here's hoping I can charge my battery tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2012

NaBloWriMo Day 1: Mocha Addictions and More

 I thought today I'd post a few random facts about myself. Starting with my ongoing mocha addiction. There are times I start to wonder if I'll go through withdrawals if I go more than a week without a frappuccino. My youngest is all for my addiction because of her love for the cream on top. Which despite the difficulty of getting out of the cup with no chocolate on it I indulge. She even knows what the Starbucks cups look like.

 Moving away from mocha, I am a avid reader of all genres. Horror, fantasy, classics - I love them all. Although I have a bad habit of starting one book while in the middle of another, which sometimes means I take an extra month to finish the first one. TV shows on the other hand have a harder time catching and keeping my interest. Aside from Food Network, I'm currently only watching three shows. NCIS, Elementary, and Glee. With two crime-solving shows Glee doesn't quite seem to fit, yet I find myself oddly fascinated by it.

On a different note the other day I had streaks put in my hair for the first time. Until then my hair had never been dyed, bleached, or permed. In fact, not counting trimming off split-ends, my hair has only been cut once. Poor Amaya (the chihuahua) was afraid to come in the kitchen while my aunt streaked my hair and nearly got bleach dropped on her. Did I mention Amaya is mostly black, so that would've kind of noticeable. Dingo, my other dog, didn't see fit to come near the kitchen. While Alley had to walk through to see if we would notice her eating the celery my uncle sent from his garden.

And that successfully ends Day 1 of NaBloWriMo. Only 30 more to go.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Post

 This blog will be both my first attempt at writing a blog and at National Blog Writing Month.
A single post a day for 31 days likely seems easier to accomplish than it will be with Real Life getting in the way. Especially bearing in mind I can never seem to remember I even have an e-mail account. At least not often enough to check at least once every month or six.

 Now if your reading this your probably at least slightly curious about the person writing the blog about now. Well I'm female and being such my age is a secret. I also have three children, who are a calico cat, a mixed-breed dog, and a chihuahua of varying ages and all female as well. The chihuahua is currently occupied watching the cookies I'm eating carefully and hoping I'm in the mood to share. Which knowing me I likely will.

 Here's hoping I complete National Blog Writing Month with my sanity intact. That is if I was sane to begin with...