Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Post

 This blog will be both my first attempt at writing a blog and at National Blog Writing Month.
A single post a day for 31 days likely seems easier to accomplish than it will be with Real Life getting in the way. Especially bearing in mind I can never seem to remember I even have an e-mail account. At least not often enough to check at least once every month or six.

 Now if your reading this your probably at least slightly curious about the person writing the blog about now. Well I'm female and being such my age is a secret. I also have three children, who are a calico cat, a mixed-breed dog, and a chihuahua of varying ages and all female as well. The chihuahua is currently occupied watching the cookies I'm eating carefully and hoping I'm in the mood to share. Which knowing me I likely will.

 Here's hoping I complete National Blog Writing Month with my sanity intact. That is if I was sane to begin with...