Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Luck Jinxie

Haven't done much lately. We don't have to let my uncle's dogs out for most of the week. Actually just Friday, so that's when we're cleaning this week too. Amaya's nail is still broken and it got caught on her collar today. She nearly tore it off and started yelping. She's also feeling a bit sick tonight. I enjoyed last week's episode of NCIS and Elementary. It was interesting to meet Gibbs namesake. Glee comes back on this week, but I'm a little worried about their plans for Blaine, Kurt, and the Klaine pairing. And Jinxie is going into surgery this week. We're wishing him luck.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dreary November Days Begin

Well NaBloWriMo is officially over. I don't plan on forgetting my blog though. Now starts National Novel Writing Month. One month, 50,000 words. I'm going to try it. Though considering I'm already a day behind, whether or not I'll succeed is up in the air for now. Nothing really interesting happened today though. Amaya broke a nail again. And it's to far down to cut it, so I'm just hoping she doesn't hurt herself to badly until we can get it off. She has a tendency to break the nail really far down and make it bleed. A lot. Right now though, she is sleeping peacefully.